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Bowen Technique and Yoga Therapy

About Whole Therapies by Lucy

In this space we hope to share the wealth of Yoga. Not only physical practice but also the mental part of yoga and general knowledge.

Anatomy and trivia existing together in one space.

Besides this you can find regular updates on Bowen Technique news and interesting matters related to this.

Yoga Workshops

Yoga Info Posted on Sun, January 07, 2018 20:14:50

So today we had the first workshop of the year and it was great fun!

We discovered that you can use the whole space available to practice and not just your own mat. We got out of our private space and shared the bigger space with each other. In doing so we shared more of the practice with each other too. Not only working besides but even more so working with another to create a more complete practice.

There was trust and the revelation that there is more in ourselves than we would think possible.

It was hard work, fun and most of all very satisfying for myself to see each participant helping the others in getting the most out of their practice. To see the Yoga truly shared and enjoyed each in their own fashion.

Thank you to all that came and made this day a great success.

Next workshop will be in April so keep your mailbox open for the newsletter to stay updated.

Why Yoga?

Yoga Info Posted on Sun, October 08, 2017 10:21:46

If you wonder why yoga may be a very good exercise program for every body person, consider this …

1. Yoga is a moderately paced, low-impact, progressive program that is well suited to anyone who hasn’t done much exercise before and is generally speaking unfit, or thinks they can’t exercise for whatever reason.
2. Yoga is easily adaptable to fit any form of limited mobility as many poses can be performed from a sitting, prone or supine position.
3. Yoga allows the practitioner to set their own pace.
4. Yoga requires little to no equipment or special clothing, so there is no start-up costs.
5. Yoga may be of help to reduce the practitioners body fat.
6. Yoga may increase flexibility.
7. Yoga may increase strength.
8. Yoga increases the blood flow through the tissues and may reduce pain.
9. Yoga increases respiratory function.
10. Yoga relaxes the mind and reduces stress thus increasing emotional health.

If that is not enough reasons, there are many more, but most important is that it is a practice you can take home after class and incorporate into your everyday life.

Changing lifestyle choices is making permanent changes in yourself and in your body. Changes that last!

Have you got your own reasons you want to share with us, post them in the comments because there may be others out there that need your reason.