Our feet are our foundation! To understand how important it is to align the bones in the feet we need to know which muscles help us do exactly that and how to activate the right ones while releasing tension in the ones the pull the alignment off.

It would go too far to turn this blog post into an anatomy lesson but still it is handy to know which muscles we need to use to have a steady foundation. That the extensor Hallucis Longus lifts the big toes and the Flexor Hallucis Longus brings the big toe down to the floor is handy to know as those muscles work together to give us control over our stance and can help relief bunions, or even prevent their progression or development.

Our toes are a huge aid in stabilising our foundation if used right. All too often we try to ‘grip’ the floor with our toes which will throw our balance off and engages too much of the toe flexors causing a tightness in the sole lifting the big toe mound rather than grounding that so important part of our foot.

If instead we can learn to balance the action in flexors and extensors we can not only create healthy arch but also avoid or lessen the progression of bunions as well as fallen arches, knee and hip problems.

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