Bunion Relief
Exercise 2

To help prevent bunions to develop or worsen on of the things you need to do is keep the medial arch of your foot healthy and active.
In order to do that there are a few exercises that you can easily do at home while watching TV! Or even at work! Slip your shoes off and none will realise that you are exercising and in doing so helping yourself getting rid of that flat foot and reducing or even preventing those hereditary bunions to develop or worsen.

The exercise itself isn’t rocket science and only requires you to keep the ball mount of your big toe and little toe on the floor as well as the inside and outside of the heel. Make sure that you do not inver the foot.
What you do next is trying to push a button with the tip of your big toe by lifting and extending the big toe. If you feel that the muscle under the arch of the foot running from the inside of the heel to the big toe starts to feel tired you know you’ve used the right target muscle. (abductor hallucis)
Try this and the previous ones for yourself and let me know how you get on with these exercises.
Do you see or feel any benefit yet?

There is one more foot exercise to come before we move on to the standing postures.